Rao Noma

I went through a shamanic initiation process that took me three years, starting it in Shipibo tradition from Peruvian jungle, working intensely with medicinal plants and spirit teachers. The liana Ayahuasca is one of my main guides and teachers of the plant realm. I have also worked with and in this way received much knowledge from the teacher plants Noya Rao, Chullachaqui, Bobinsana and San Perdo.

I have transmissions of Medicine Buddha and Green Tara as an anchor to my Buddhist teaching lineage and a blessing to have met the Dalai Lama in person as well as enlightened master Guru Rinpoche who enabled me to walk my path freely into the new discoveries, away from my vows once taken.

But beside all of that I was lucky to have met a very dear friend and teacher to me when I was twenty years old who enabled me to self heal heavy physical ailments, opened me up to the energy healing work prospects and its appliance through physical touch. For his presence in my life I am eternally grateful.

Otherwise I consider myself to be self taught as I am eager to soak in any valuable, resonating, truth speaking information in my day to day life. This way I continuously grow and evolve my practices from knowledge that finds its way to me, as well as from experiences and practical application of the treasures I've already gathered.

I feel being continuously guided and supported from inside when doing my work. People often notice presence other than mine simultaneously working on them during a treatment. These are my spirit helpers.