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dreaming of a life

"Dreaming of a Life" is a complex work. Its focus lies on movements that the inner world, the subconscious, reveals to us through the storyteller. In a way, it is a surrealistic autobiographical work, where happenings in the outer world might seem less real than the journeys through the hidden realms. The storyline revolves around visions, dreams, memories, hopes and wishes, internal struggle and finding strength, but as well it is a story of searching for and finding love, both for oneself and the other, both romantic and the transcendent one.


Peruvian shamanism, plant medicines, reincarnation, Kundalini – heart-focused spirituality in general – makes up this journey's background leading guidelines. Be ready for a ride with twists and turns, as this book will surprise you each time you seem to get a grasp of its constellation!

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