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Rao Noma
energy work

People say I have golden hands as I let healing frequencies flow through them. Benefits people receive from my healing work are diverse as any kind of problem or topic is approachable.

In general it brings clearness, deep peace and deeper understanding. It creates space in oneself to take needed action that directly contributes to the betterment of one's life. In case of physical ailments energy healing relieves the body as well as enables a deeper glimpse into the true causes of a problem that often lay in childhood and past incarnations. Emotional trauma can be brought into the daylight where we can gently start transforming it. General feeling of letting go as if the burden was taken away, feeling stress-free after the longest time are common effects of energy work.

Ailments related to stress, insomnia, digestive problems, depression, anxiety, emotional instability, infertility, chronic pains, etc. are very well approachable and moldable from my experience.

Energy healing is also held over distance. It's effects are no less strong then through direct contact as this way we focus solely on the "invisible".

But after all, healing work is not a "work" that I do. It is a passion for life that, through our own conscious effort, we can combine with harmonious interactions. All I intend is to inspire people to seek for it within themselves.

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